Thursday, June 07, 2007

Today was a very very long day. Reached school at around 0730, can you believe it? I had enough time to go to the toilet, take tissue, wet it, clean the locker with it, go back and take more tissue. Heh. Woan Jen came after I finished my clean-the-locker episode. Found out that my cousin desmond is her ex-classmate. Subsequently Lian Hui and Serene came, then Caiwen and Syahirah. I don't remember the order of who came after that cos I was forced from my seat to another location. Lol. Shi Wei came as well though.

Accounting exam was okay, but I think I lost marks on the narrative qn.
In fact most of the exams were quite easy. Then again, if I didn't study, I wouldn't know how to answer the qns. Yes, I study, why don't people believe that I'm not a last minute study type of student? Haha.

After the exam, Meryl and friends stayed back(with additional company of ash and seng yi) to finish our comm skills report. We re-did it a couple of times.

We left school after handing in our assignment, then we took a super long bus journey to PHS, Shuman's secondary school. There, I met up with Cheryl, just to catch up with her. We were just lucky to be at the school on the same day. Meimei has really grown-up and matured alr, know how to understand her parents eh.

Subsequently we went to Grand Cathay to buy tickets to Shrek 3, walked back to PS Yoshinoya, where Jason got stunned when Caiwen grabbed his arms. It was sooooo funny! Skip skip skip, we ended up back in movie theatre watching Shrek 3. My favourite character for this time is...still puss-in-boots. Classy and cute. PIB: You are the love of my life * another cat* as are you

We had dinner at marina square...BK. at like, 9+pm? We ATTEMPTED to play truth or dare. it failed because no one could think of truth qns or dares. Then we had a bottle game, courtesy of me, and my bottle. And we each went our separate ways after eating.

I slept so peacefully on the bus, I woke up one stop after my nearest stop. Ah well. Came back and patched Lord of the Rings: Battle for middle-earth 2 and rise of the witch king. Brought oscar down while I patched the game, and I saw Jasmine Tye when I took the lift back up. She was soo funny. Asked me if I stayed on the 5th floor too, then she told me I was on the 5th floor, then she looked up, and saw it was the 4th floor.

By the time I came back, I played two games of LOTR with Perry. Both games we won. However we really had a hard time winning fast. Elves are just slow. heh.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Opening my eyes at 9am today, I got dressed and had breakfast in Macs where I saw Genie, Pris and Jeuness. Then I took 22 with my friend down to Bedok Reservoir. I think I was really trying to study the entire trip but everything seemed to make sense to me already, so I started on Organisational Behaviour as well. Seems like this mid-semester exam is going smoothly so far, but I am kind of worried for Computer System and Applications(CSA) because there is just so much to remember! I feel like nothing is getting through for CSA. =/

When I reached school, I immediately went to the bookshop to buy myself a calculator, not because I had forgotten to bring one but because mine was dead. Afterwhich I headed to TP's Lounge, only to find out that its closed until 24th June. =( No more pool I guess. Subsequently I went to the library entrance, and I saw Nadiah,Denyse and Joseph. They were there to study. I thought maybe I could revise a bit more, but decided against it in case I stressed my mind out. Anyhow, I followed them to the 7th floor(Joseph and I took the stairs because the lift was full). We spotted Ke yuan, Wen Kai and Syahirah there, so I went to join them instead in order not to be very bright. Syahirah and Ke yuan were studying macroeconomics and Wen Kai already started revising for OB. So I just set there playing my cube. Then Ke Yuan's rubbish started, waving to random people. He tried to trick us by saying he was waving to Joseph who was behind us.

Ke Yuan*waves to -joseph-*: I'm waving to Joseph
Jerald: No you're not. He's in the toilet.
Joseph walks out of toilet immediately.
ALL: *burst out laughing at ke yuan*

Ke Yuan had two games of chinese chess with me(so much for not stressing my mind out. =/) and he lost both. Technically, he lost three because he gave one game to Clement to move. Although when Tricia called, I supposedly lost two rounds according to Ke Yuan. After Tricia came, we were in the middle of our third game. Later on, Marcus, Jayna and Clement appeared. Thats when Ke Yuan lost his last game. I had a round versus Clement but I lost by one step due to carelessness. It happens =) Eden came too.

After leaving the library, we headed straight for the LT and waited for the exam to start. We didn't have to wait very long. Wah. When I found my seat, it had no table, so I was moved to the front, which in a way was much more relaxing. The paper was fairly easy. I didn't have much trouble with it because it was really straightforward.

At the end of the paper, Shu Man, Caiwen and me went to have lunch at Mensa, where we ran into Jason and Seng Yi. Eat and eat and drink Milo! Well for me at least. Crapped around quite long before we decided to leave. I took 69 to Tampines Interchange with Shu Man where I missed my bus =/ Shortly after, both our buses came. I slept on 22 all the way back home. Thank goodness I woke up just in time.

Grabbed my CSA textbook and tried to go to mac to meet Shermain Dajie. Thanks to Ke Yuan, who kept calling to ask me stuff, I ended up a bit late. I also met Adeline from Peicai and I stopped to chat with her. Haha. In the end, dajie was even later than me. She brought her friend Karen. McDonalds was really noisy due to the construction going on there. We found it harder to study because this particular lady sitting near us kept laughing so loudly. After she left, we had more peace and quiet.

Then Karen and I went for dinner at my favourite coffee shop. She blamed me for introducing the stall to her because she felt it was expensive and the quality wasn't good. Haha, no regrets though, I'm still a loyal customer to that stall. I simply love that coffee shop. Its better than having McDonalds.

We went back and I tried to study CSA AGAIN! Some stuff got in this time. As the night went by, all the TKD people started to appear. I left McDonalds at 11! Here I am sitting at my computer typing out the events of the da~zzzz.....

Friday, June 01, 2007

My class

Whoa. I haven't posted in awhile. Very long time already. Life in TP is great! The teachers are funny, the food is excellent and cheap, and I have a very good class.

Arathi - The oldest in our class. Really funny girl.
Amanda - Loves hanging out at TP lounge =P extremely loyal to TPSU. heh.
Clement - I share many secrets with the shortest guy in class. He may be short, but he's outspoke and very funny! Do not mess with him! Number 19 XD
Denyse - The Jo lover. haha. a really nice girl. hardworking too!
Diana - haha. great friend who looks out for me. i appreciate her.
Eden - He is really good at playing pool. Hah.
Jason - My good brother! Very responsible and has strong beliefs. Very lame too.
Jayna - Known for being late =P . She has a nice smile. haha
Jerald - wah this guy is really cold. seriously. and he loves milo a lot! quite a humble guy... =P
Jia Ling - The world of pink and purple. Nicely summed up.
Ka Wo - From Hong Kong and Mainland. I wanna learn cantonese!
Ke Yuan - BHB. really BHB. but very funny too. always bullshits his way through class.
Khairul - very intellectual guy. a great thinker!
Lian Hui - Always play music until very loud. Quite the romantic. Heh. Hope he finds his Mrs Right.
Marcus - Very funny joker. You cant even imagine his jokes till he says it. I want to see his drumming skills one day!
Meryl - caiwen? A great friend. Nice to bully too =P although i'm the youngest in class. hahaha.
Miao Feng - towkayneo. female boss very cool XD
Nadiah - very understanding and has a good sense of humour, like me! =P
Serene - Our welfare rep. very resourceful
Shu man - Likes to keep things simple. Likes to call people's names in a funny way too!
Syahirah - Always steals my file. cute girl with superb administrative abilities.
Tricia - A very nice girl. Cares a lot. =)
Wen Kai - He is not quiet. dont be fooled! haha.
Woan Jen - Quite a quiet girl. Pretty cool one though. Her name is interesting too.
Yan Jun - my spiritual cousin. heh. whats there to say? i see her 6 days a week.

Mr Jimmy Tay and Mr Nah rocks!!~ Poly life is never dull for me. Heh
And one last thing. Mid sem tests are coming up and im still not studying. how ar?
zzz. lazy. heh. i think i drink a milo first then say ba.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Yoyoyo. My first week in TP. Haha it rocks. The seniors rock, my class rocks, the food rocks and THE MILO PAWNS MAN!!! haha. okay. back to the serious me. gah, who am i kidding? i'm not a serious person. haha. yo the course is fun. XD no regrets God. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Wednesdays are good.

Wednesday 14/3/07

The day started out quite late. I woke up around 9+, got changed and had breakfast at home. However, I sometimes have the habit of being-addicted-to-the-computer. I was trying to find a new ROM for the O2 Atom. I found it alright, at the same time RESETTING my entire O2. Lost all my appointment schedules and sermon notes =(

I then magically appeared in the magical box known as Magic Box. Shortly after, Cindy and I went to dabao lunch for ourselves and Eddie. Then I also dabao-ed for Adeline and Janice. Eh well,today was much better for Jacob's dream. Every song has improved quite a significant bit.
Esp Jess again! Her stage performance really shot up when she gave more intensity. There was just so many ideas popping into my head when I watched the rehearsals. Janice,3sa,Jess and I made some Mirror House thingy. It was scary cos 3sa-jie is an expert at scaring me. =) After the rehearsals were over, I met Charmaine Tay..haha. Nice to see a childhood friend once in awhile don't you agree? Jiajun left me to pack up the

Up at TCT Auditorium, we got a good feel about how the concert would be like. This concert is going to rock Singapore =) Haha, then Chow yan practiced mix voice and head voice...? After everything, Janice, Adeline and I went for dinner...AND I GOT A FREE MILO AGAIN! XD
I took 153 back with Adel and walked over to Xiang Zhong to meet Fuyang. It got boring after awhile and we went back. So here I am at my com!

~The moonlight dances upon the souls of our hearts. A happy but soulful atmosphere fills the air.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

G12 Week here!

Yeah! The long anticipated G12 week is here! What will God do this time? We definitely can expect a great move of God this year in the Year of Victory. I can hardly wait!

Monday 12/3/07

Yesterday, I woke up at around 8, cabbed down to TCT Magic box to rehearse for a special event coming up on the 13th of April. Jesus the Rock Concert on the friday after Good Friday is specially designed to show YOU how God has changed and transformed people's lives. Not only will there be music, there will be interesting real-life testimonials where you may or may not identify with. Believe me we are practicing very hard. Here let me split up the day into 3 sections.

1. Revival's rehearsal
Now this part of the day was quite interesting. We faced many problems such as my guitar's pick up falling out of place hence being completely UNABLE to use the guitar for rehearsal. Thankfully, Wai Kay(my cell leader/lead guitarist of Revival) managed to fix it back. Daniel Wong had his first rehearsal with us and we were already doing very well. Juice to Daniel. After rehearsing the songs a few times, we went for lunch(while Daniel went to collect something from the office) and came back to practice the guitar parts with Wai Kay. Its really team dynamics when you have two guitarists playing at the same time. After 2pm, the vocalists came in and trained a new song that we threw to them. All day by Hillsongs United: More than Life. I'm really grateful to the vocalists: Claudia,Danae and Lydia for bearing with our constant song changes and I fully understand some of you girls had already practiced hard for Everything's Changed. Thats why you girls are SOLID =) In the end, we managed to tie down everything together quite well.

2. Jacob's Dream's Rehearsal (feels weird putting two 's)
Eh well, since Revival used the amplifiers for the microphones, I had to get to work to set up more microphones cos Jacob's dream had quite a number of vocalist. However, Jiajun did most of the work..haha. Afterwhich I made my way to Redhill MRT to get Adeline and Janice (should've charged Milo for that XD) So when we came back, I did some more sound tech stuff until the bands started playing. Gui Ji was really well emoted by Eddie, the JD(Jacob's Dream) did really well for Behind these Hazel Eyes. However, I really wanna commend the lead singer for the song Iris, Jess. She's really improved tremendously since the last rehearsal. All the colours in the singing plus the added power that she lacked in the previous rehearsal..Such a big jump in improvement is definitely something I wanna continue watching. Zest was really good at stage presence too! To JD: SOLID! Work hard and improve exponentially =)

3. Advisor's meeting
Hmm, nothing much to say except an awesome worship session lead by Jiajun. It feels good to sing some old songs again.Haha. I went home quite late...

Tuesday 13/3/07

The whole day was spent at an Internet Marketing Seminar by Stores Online. It was really interesting and productive. I'm glad I went with my mum. Went to drop by on Grace in Carrefour and Clement/Pearl in Srgn Mac. Haha and yes, I changed the blogskin. One way.
Jesus is the Way,the Truth and the Life.

~And I'm crazed by you...Send me.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Hey, as most of you already know, I took on a job with Venture Era as a network marketer. VE really rocks cos of the working environment...its so high energy level and a good place to work. Most people generally hate salesman cos of the pressure they get when they want to say no to them..but I feel that salespeople are the best kind cos they either go to your place or you go to theirs, and they bother to give you a presentation about their extremely good product. So if you ever meet a door-to-door salesman(which im not doing anymore) or a friend who is doing sales, spare him a few minutes of your time to listen to him. Believe me, it feels much better than having the door slammed in your face.

I wish there was someway to restore what I've lost. Seriously, how the heck did I make two mistakes in a row....Don't I ever learn..? What must I do to earn back the friendship of one of the greatest people I know? Hmmm...

Being emo really isn't good for my health =P and it won't do good worrying people around me who really care. So dont worry, I'm over it long ago and I look forward to a fulfilling life with God walking me through the journey with VE.

Drink Milo.It rocks your world.
-Your funny and lame blogger, Jerald.